7BitCasino Affiliate Program

7BitCasino Affiliate Program

7BitCasino is an online casino specializing in Bitcoin games. The site has over 500 different games on offer and has become very popular since its creation in 2014. Almost all of the games are available to play on mobile as well as on desktop devices, so they’re accessible to a lot of people, only further boosting the popularity of the site. However, another advantage to the site is the relatively new affiliate program.

The affiliate program for 7BitCasino follows the basic format of any affiliate program; individuals who sign up to be a part of the program receive a percentage of the money that people who have used their referral link make at the casino. However, while a lot of affiliate programs will determine a set percentage, for example, 30% of the revenue an individual makes while using your referral code, 7BitCasino determines how much you earn based on how much money a player using your code makes. The more money they make for the casino, the more money you receive on their behalf.

There are a lot of advantages to the 7BitCasino Affiliate Program that makes it stand out from the rest, and the fact that there isn’t a set percentage of earnings from people who use your referral code is one of them. Another is the fact that you only have to earn $40 via your referral code before you can begin to be paid; this is a lot lower than other affiliate programs which often want you to make around $100 before getting paid. Having such a low starting point means people who sign up to the program can begin to make money relatively quickly.

Another bonus is that 7BitCasino offer something called a sub-affiliation program. This is a slightly more simple way of making money, as all it involves players doing is referring other webmasters to the program and then getting paid a small fee for it. This alternative option makes the affiliate program very inclusive to a wide range of people, and this is an appealing factor.

The only slightly negative to the program is the software it runs on; 7BitCasino uses propriety software to run its affiliate program which isn’t always very reliable. However, for this to be the only negative is a very good thing, and shows just how successful their affiliate program is.