BitBond Affiliate

BitBond Affiliate is an affiliate program for Bitcoin users that works in very much the same way any other affiliate program would work. BitBond allows users to earn money via sharing their unique code, generated by BitBond, and encouraging their friends to sign up to the site. For every person that signs up using your unique code, you earn a predetermined amount of money! You can share your code in any way you see fit- on a website or blog, on your social media pages, even by text message! As long as they sign up, it doesn’t matter where they’re from- what matters is that you get your money!

For every person that signs up to the site, you will receive a fee of 20%. This may not seem like much, but if you keep on actively promoting your link, sharing it all the time on all platforms and in different, engaging ways, you’ll soon be raking it in!

There’s a bonus element to the BitBond Affiliate scheme too! While you get 20% for every person you sign up to the site, if you sign up a lender, rather than a user, you will get a 30% cut of the fee- that’s an additional 10% for not a lot of extra work!

BitBond is good at making its users fast money due to the fact it has a high sign up rate. This means that users can earn themselves more money in fewer clicks than they may be able to on another site. This is a great incentive to join the site, particularly if you’re after a ‘get rich quick’ style scheme!

In addition to this, there’s no waiting around for your money. As soon as you earn it, it’s yours! As long as you have found a good bitcoin wallet to store your payouts, then you’re onto a winner.

Furthermore, BitBond has come up with creative ways to keep earning more money! For example, they run a writing competition. Write an article for the BitBond Affiliate site/blog and submit it to the team. While all articles are published and credited (which is cool enough on its own), the best article each week wins $100! So if you won once a month for a year, that’s a nice sum of $1,200 in your pocket!

The site is relatively popular because it’s so good at evolving with time and new trends, and actively encourages users, both new and old, to get involved in any way that they can!