Bitquick Affiliate Program- Information and Review

Bitquick’s affiliate program is a relatively new one, but has already proved itself to be quite popular, and quite successful too! Through the affiliate program, individuals can earn as much as 50% of the commission that Bitquick makes from any customers who shop using the unique referral link you have provided them with.

Your unique referral link helps Bitquick to track where different customers are coming from, so it is important that you only give out your own link, no one else’s. The affiliate program allows you to refer both buyers and sellers to Bitquick, and you can earn 25% commission for each of these- so if you referred the buyer and seller of one transaction, you could earn 50% commission! This is then paid out to affiliates in Bitcoin.

One of the advantages of the site is that if an individual that you refer to Bitquick with your link also happens to be a first time user of Bitquick, they will count as a referral for the next three months, even if they don’t purchase anything- you can still make money from them, which is a brilliant bonus!

In addition to this, Bitquick also has more bonuses for their affiliates. When you make your first $50 worth of Bitcoins by using your unique referral code, Bitquick will match this so that you have $100 worth of Bitcoin, for absolutely free. This happens again when you hit $100, so that you then receive $100 from Bitquick, to make $200 worth of Bitcoin. It really is a very rewarding and generous scheme and means you can just concentrate on the different ways to spend your bitcoin.

Payouts are made on a weekly basis, every Sunday. As all payouts are in Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter about banks not operating on Sundays- the Bitcoins will go straight to your e-wallet and are yours straight away.