CakeBet Bitcoin Affiliate Review

CakeBet is an online blackjack service that offers quick and easy payment solutions using Bitcoin. It may only have been founded in 2014 but they offer an excellent platform through proprietary software for players to enjoy their favourite casino card game.

CakeBet does not currently have a license in place but despite this, they do not allow US players to sign up. This could be in preparation for a license they’ve applied for.

As mentioned, the only game on offer at CakeBet is blackjack, which is pretty much identical to the blackjack game found on BetVictor. This is a highly popular game in both online and land based casinos all over the world and is responsible for billions of Dollars being wagers every year.

The game is simple. Players receive two cards face up from a dealer with which they need to come to a total of 21. Players have the option to “hit”, ask for another card, or “stand”, just keep their current score. Obviously players will need to get as close as possible to the magic 21 but they need to be careful since stepping over that line will result in a “bust” which removes them from the game automatically.

When the first two cards equal 21, the player has what is known as a blackjack. This is achieved by having one of the face cards, such as king, queen and jack, or a ten along with an Ace. When players receive two cards of the same value, they also have the option to “split”. This doubles their bet but they also split the two cards into two separate hands which doubles their chances of winning.

Traditionally players would play against each other with the highest score winning the round. However, when blackjack was introduced to casinos this changed to each player only competing with the dealer. If the player has a higher total than the dealer, they win the bet. If the dealer has a higher score or if the player goes bust, then they lose the bet.

Back to CakeBet. Their website design is fun and easy to use. Their mascot is a nice touch that brings some originality. Mostly players should have no problem getting started. Players don’t need an account to start playing, however an account is needed to make deposits and withdrawals.

The site doesn’t currently offer any special promotions, however all new players do receive 200 bits to get started. Unfortunately support is only offered via email at the moment which is the biggest black mark on their record at the moment.