CEX.io Affiliate Program

CEX.io is a Bitcoin exchange website that brands itself as the ‘Bitcoin Exchange You Can Trust.’ The site offers a whole range of features to visitors, including Buying Bitcoins, Selling Bitcoins , buying things with bitcoins, and becoming a part of the sites Bitcoin Affiliate Program.

There is a lot of advantages to using the CEX.io website for any Bitcoin related business. For starters, it’s an incredibly reliable site that has high levels of security, including full data encryption, and strict legal compliances too. The site works with some of the biggest banking names in the world; again, this contributes to the amount of trust people place in the website. In addition to all of this, the site brags coverage on a global scale, advanced reporting, competitive commissions, cross-platform trading and of course, its affiliate program.

As is the case with all affiliate programs, CEX.io provide people who sign up to become an affiliate with the site with a referral link. Each link is personal to each individual, to keep track of each person’s unique earnings and statistics. If you give out your referral link to someone, and they use it, you earn a 30% commission, which is relatively high for an affiliate program!

The affiliate program is one of the better ones out there, as it has several bonus features to it, including being able to see your statistics in real time and the fact that there is no cap on the amount of money you can earn. Just share your affiliate referral link with as many people as possible to make as much money as possible! Furthermore, your earnings can be kept in cash or transferred into Bitcoins, so this is a plus too as it means its another way of making quick and easy Bitcoins!