Fortune Jack Affiliate Program

Fortune Jack Affiliate Program

Fortune Jack is an online Bitcoin casino with an exceptional reputation among the Bitcoin community. They’re reliable, trustworthy and a very popular site when it comes to Bitcoin gambling, and now with their affiliate program, they’re giving players the chance to promote the site with their friends and family while simultaneously being able to reap the rewards from it. While they may differ slightly from an online casino such as Vera and John, they still have plenty of loyal players to help bring in extra cash.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this excellent affiliation program is how much you can earn from it- you can earn as much as 40% commission from one referral, which is an amazingly high figure compared to a lot of other affiliate programs.

If players want to become members of the affiliate program with Fortune Jack Casino, it couldn’t be simpler; all they have to do is provide the same details they did when they signed up to be a member of the casino to create a profile with the affiliate program. Once this has been done, a personalized link will be created. This link is unique to you so that the program can keep track of who accesses the site using your link and how much earnings you are making.

You can then share this link anywhere! Share it via an email or text to your friends and family, post it on your social media pages, or download the premade banners and buttons and share it on your blog or website! The more you share your link, the more people are likely to see it and sign up, and this means the more money can be made for you!

When it comes to the money you can make, it’s all about the coins that are wagered. You can earn anything from a 5% profit to a 40% profit, depending how many coins are wagered using your referral link. 0-20 coins wagered will earn you 5% while 80+ coins will make you 40%- and of course, anything wagered between that makes you the respective percentage of commission. At the beginning of each month, the amount wagered resets itself back to zero, so you start every month fresh. All money you make from that month will be paid out to you on the 5th day of the month after. This is an excellent feature as it means players can make money on a regular basis, all of the time.

You can leave the affiliate program at any time; members are not tied in by a contract, and this is appealing to players as it means they don’t have to make a serious commitment to the scheme in order to be able to make money; they can share a link and let others do the earning for them!