Igot Affiliate- Information and Review

Igot Affiliate is a Bitcoin affiliation program that allows individuals to earn themselves a lot of Bitcoins in a short space of time. Given that Bitcoins are very hard to come by, and often very expensive, affiliate programs such as the Igot Affiliate program are very popular, and very successful too.

It is easy to be an Igot Affiliate. Once you’ve signed up to become one, you are given a unique referral link that you may then share with other people- via email, via blog posts, via social media, it’s entirely up to you. If anyone chooses to purchase Bitcoins using the affiliate link you’ve given them, you earn some cash. To be more precise, if someone purchases a minimum amount of 0.5BTC, then you receive $15 which can be paid out to you in either BTC or cash. So if you signed up 5 people in one day, that’s $75 earned already! Igot are classed as trusted bitcoin sellers so you know you’re safe using them.

People from all over the globe can use this affiliate program, including individuals from the USA, which is another attractive feature of the site. Furthermore, there’s no kind of limitation to how often you can share your link or to how many people you can sign up, so there is the potential to earn yourself vast quantities of money here.

All payouts happen instantly and go directly to your bank/Bitcoin wallet, which is another appealing trait to the website.