Limoplay Affiliate Program- Information and Review

Limoplay Casino is an online casino that combines payments in both euros and in Bitcoins too. Developed in 2015, the online casino is incredibly accessible due to its flexibility in terms of currency- an attractive feature with a lot of players. Accessible almost all over the globe, the only countries that do not have access to the online casino are the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also one of the safest bitcoin casinos out there today.

Like a lot of online casinos, Limoplay runs its own affiliate program. Compared to some, it’s actually quite a good program to be a part of, if you want to make a decent amount of extra cash quite rapidly. Paying all affiliates of the scheme a flexible percentage of the total income they make for the casino via referral links, Limoplay uses a unique formula of bets placed, subtracting the total of wins, admin fees and also bonuses rewarded to work out the figure each affiliate can earn. Depending on how many people an individual can sign up, and how much each person who signs up spends, individual affiliates have the opportunity to make quite a lot for themselves.

An affiliate of Limoplay who consistently earn a lot of revenue for the casino creates the opportunity to earn a greater percentage of commission for themselves, which is another bonus to the scheme. If affiliates have a bad month and don’t manage to sign up as many people, if anyone, it doesn’t matter because Limoplay doesn’t believe in a negative carry over- it won’t have an impact on any future earnings and your commission percentage will not be affected by the odd bad month.

There are no sub-affiliation programs on offer, as these leave individuals open to high risks of fraud, which the casino want to avoid.