Satoshi36 Bitcoin Affiliate Review

The Satoshi36 affiliate concept may be confusing to those who are not familiar with it. At first glance Satoshi36 looks like your typical online casino roulette or spin and win type game, although the brand states that it is a “perfectly fair lottery.” The owner of the site has also been quoted in saying that he created Satoshi36 to be a user friendly alternative to the other lottery inspired games available online.

The interface is clean and easy to use which is a big plus for new players. The game has been called a new-age lottery game since it provides players with the chance to utilise mathematical algorithms. This is done to substantiate the accuracy of the results in every game. The game designers have also stated that their creation is completely free of potential third party risks and that they only claim 2% of player bets.

Satoshi36 is set up without having new players register an account. The only time this becomes compulsory is when players wish to join the affiliate program. However, for those who have no interest in the affiliate program, all that’s required is a Bitcoin wallet, nothing else. This makes playing the game much more casual as players simply need to do an instant wallet to wallet transfer for the bet and will receive an instant payout when successful.

The game is also relatively simply. There are 36 numbers available and players simply need to select the one they think will win. Players can also select one or more numbers, which will decrease their multiplier and winning odds. It’s also possible to bet on a section instead of a number, very much like roulette. Wager amounts can be adjusted from as little as 0.01 BTC up to as much as 10 BTC.

It’s important to remember the betting amounts. Since the player needs to do a Bitcoin transfer to place the bet, they can transfer any amount they like. However, transfer less than the minimum bet will only store the funds and storing more will still only place a bet of 10 BTC. If the player wins then they’ll receive the normal payout with the additional funds transferred back, minus a transaction fee.

The game is incredibly simple and those who’ve played roulette in the past will immediately be at home. They don’t offer any details on their software so we are left to assume it’s been developed in house. Unfortunately, while they claim the game to be “perfectly fair”, there is no option to prove the validity of this. Satoshi36 also do not offer a mobile version of the game at the moment which is disappointing.